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Fugger city Vipiteno

Between mountain peaks and traditions

Sterzing is a beautiful medieval town, also known as Fugger city, which owes its rise to mining in the Middle Ages. The historic town centre of Sterzing is divided into the old town to the north with its colourful houses and the new town, which was built after the town fire of 1433. Vipiteno's landmark, the Zwölferturm tower, is located right between the old and new town centres. Vipiteno is perfect for people who like history and love nature, as there is plenty of both here.


Vipiteno Christmas market

Sterzing shines in festive splendour during the enchanting Christmas season. The atmospheric Christmas market invites you to stroll around, surrounded by twinkling lights and fragrant treats. Discover traditional craftsmanship and warm up with a wonderfully fragrant cup of mulled wine.

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